PlayaCab Confessions

Planning to build and bring a mutant vehicle? Talk about your plans and recruit crew members here.
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PlayaCab Confessions

Postby Earl » 4 years ago

Greetings fellow burners!

I thought I would drop by and show you all my mutant vehicle for this year.

From wrote:So what exactly is the project?

The end goal of the PlayaCab Project is to create a miniature 1980′s checkered taxi cab. The cab will provide transportation during art events (Burning Man, Lakes of Fire, ect). The cab will also be fitted with a video camera. Passengers will be asked to share a confession during their trip on camera, confessions to share with the Burning Community here on this website. Confessions can be about a humorous event on the playa, a recent revelation, or even some type of rant.

I'm documenting my build process, so if you want to check out more the website is:

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Re: PlayaCab Confessions

Postby tamarakay » 4 years ago

I love to watch these things come together. I hope you keep posting pics as you go along and that I'm lucky enough to catch a ride. Thank you!
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Re: PlayaCab Confessions

Postby motskyroonmatick » 4 years ago

Nice project! I like the foam board sculpting for the fiber glass mold. Never seen that before. Cool.

That choke handle looks like aluminum but if it is not and it is steel you might try fluxing the opening and the choke cable and then soldering it in place. Once it is cool give it a whack where it is already pinched to really lock it in.

I'll be keeping an eye out for the cab on playa. Looks like it will be sweeeeeeeeeet!
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Re: PlayaCab Confessions

Postby Earl » 4 years ago

Glad you guys like it!

I make regular posts on the website, and I also relay those posts to Facebook. The build so far is very exciting, I'm looking forward to it looking more like a taxicab. ... 0170460720

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