LOST: Red fanny pack with nexus cellphone inside.

LOST: Red fanny pack with nexus cellphone inside.

Postby Kenneth Salisbury » Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:49 pm

On the night the man burned I lost a fanny back on the playa just after the man burned, near the safety circle at approx 3:00


`Dark red (Burgundy) fanny pack with 3 zippered pockets.

`It has black trim and a black belt.

`It has black mesh pockets on either side for holding water bottles.

`MOST IMPORTANTLY: It has (I hope!) a Nexus 1 cell phone inside. THe phone had my name "kenneth salisbury" engraved on the back. The front side wall paper has a 9-dot locking graphic on top of a night scene of a swing set with the glow of the burn behind it.

There should also perhaps be a headlight, perhaps a knife, chapstick, and other small things.

If you find it please contact me at kenneth.salisbury@gmail.com or ring me at 650 465-5700. Your good Karma will grow significantly.

Love Ken, from camp Nice Nice, now back in Mountain View CA
Kenneth Salisbury
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