LOST: Black Camelbak MULE wrapped with LEDs

LOST: Black Camelbak MULE wrapped with LEDs

Postby arjuna08 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:44 pm

Lost on Saturday night after the Burn @ Fractal Nation. Bag was set down by my bike, when I went to get a drink, Camel Bak was gone, as well as bike. Black Camelback had a string of LEDs wrapped around the outside, the green and blue LEDs weren't working so was only lighting up yellow and red at the time.

Inside was the following:
Pair of Perry Ellis prescription glasses.
Respro dust mask + extra filters.
Sand colored goggles.
A scarf or two and perhaps a long sleeved shirt.
Sharpie markers + writing book.
Some other miscellaneous items.

Please get back to me if this was found, accidentally taken, whatever it doesn't matter! I love you!
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