Lost:Brown poly messengertype bag of stuff ....

Lost:Brown poly messengertype bag of stuff ....

Postby Torria » Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:21 pm

with wide poly black strap. This bag has a lot of sentimental value. It was with me on my first burning in 2006. It's the best bag of stuff ever! It has a flap with two pockets, on one pocket is a 2011 purple patch of the Man.
bag zipper pocket has trash in zip locks.
My Oregon drivers license in a inside pocket.
has clear inner pocket, may have stickers in it .
had a blue cup w carribenier cup has Camp Caution sticker and Swarswasti Tea House 2011 sticker.
may have undecorated safety goggles
2 lip balms
hand lotion (in purple container)
rolling papers
$10 bill
granola bars
baby wipes

I just want my ID and the bag itself, oh and the purple shiney BRC sticker!

was lost Sunday before Temple Burn
I was camped at Pipes of PAssion
giant vagina art car
on Iris & 3:15

May have left at a neighboring camp, maybe you guys from LA with the girl that broke her arm at Rollor Disco on Saturday night?

Luscious Blue

ID Torria Lee
Portland ORegon
1507 SE Division St is the address, but I don't live there anymore
503 268 7228

My heart is broken...don't know HOW i lost my bag of stuff after 6 years of Burning with it. It has always had everything I needed and things others needed.
Stay dusty!
aka Luscious Blue
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