black saddle bag + fanny pack with ID

black saddle bag + fanny pack with ID

Postby Merlyn » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:11 am

Hi there;

The lost and found staff at Burning Man were the friendliest most helpful lost and found experience I've ever had! :) Here's hoping I find my stuff, which includes:

1 ratty old black bicycle panier (French for saddle bag) with a torn reflective strip and broken zipper on the outside pocket. The main part contained:

1 new blue aluminum water bottle with a burning man sticker
1 pair of tinted goggles

1 new black fanny pack probably containing:

1 pair of sunglasses with blue plastic frames probably inside a glasses case
my BC drivers license and Care Card
1 lip balm
1 small black 10 mega pixel digital camera in a pouch. I don't remember the make but it did have a small red and white youtube sticker on it and it contained a 4 gig SD card (which I want back more than anything else on this list)

That's all I remember but there may have been a few other things in there, like that fat roll of 50 dollar bills I couldn't spend, that's totally mine! ;)

Thanks for your help!

Merlyn Chipman, AKA TV Head, random burner.
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