LOST - Forest Green+Black Backpack w/ attach Yellow REI Tent

LOST - Forest Green+Black Backpack w/ attach Yellow REI Tent

Postby surelys » Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:24 pm

I "lost" my packed Forest Green/Black Hiking Backpack and attached REI 2 Person Yellow Half Dome Tent.

It was located at 745 C, where camp Shangrila was located, next to a cooler and a bucket.

The hiking backpack was packed with all my stuff (list below), had the tent packed and clipped to the bottom and has a fanny pack clipped onto it as well.

Contents of backpack, from top to bottom:
- white tarp that smells like tea tree oil
- supplies in zip lock bags including:
-- lavender essential oil deodorant,
-- duct tape / string / scissors in one bag,
-- bag with batteries and two unused L wires green and blue I believe

All the clothes were at the bottom of the bags, in white yeah bags, including:
-- Black cape with hood and holes for hands
-- black corset with buckles on the front and string on the back
-- black Wilson leather purse with grommets and chair strap
-- digital style army camouflage pants
-- silver and black sequence blouse that's ripped on the left side
-- black tu tu

Please contact me here if you have the bag. I'm happy to provide a reward and FedEx account # for shopping. The backpack belongs to my friend :(
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