Stolen Motiv Mountain Bike

Stolen Motiv Mountain Bike

Postby Playa+Tom » Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:37 pm

Lost my silver Motiv mountain bike during Burn Wall Street. Bike had a front bag, tail light handlebar ends, package rack on rear with little plastic license plate reading PLAYA TOM. If you may have found it send me a PM, thanks/
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Re: Stolen Motiv Mountain Bike

Postby ZaphodBurner » Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:48 pm

I saw writing inside of Burn Wall Street that said, "posetions are worthless!" [sic] and thought to myself that if somebody got their shit stolen this year, I hoped it might be that person.

Otherwise, odds are some drugged-up Occutard stole your shit just like they stole legitimate protesters' shit at Occupy Portland. No worry, though, because, posetions, you will recall are worthless,

(Another classic one that wouldn't be taken seriously but is right about OWS' speed. I photographed it: "Ban Democracy!")

I'm wondering about the Libertarian volunteer and whether the guy he works for or his constituents will be moved by the giant American flag that, unless they moved it, burned. Such imagery will give the opposition all of the ammunition they need to link the Libertarian candidate to anti-American arson-fantasies exactly the way they linked Obama to various politician miscreants and organizations. If that video reaches the Internet and is any way linked to a worker for the politician, it's going to alienate every conservative, veteran, soldier or family thereof who gets wind of it, and possible stain the Libertarian movement altogether.

Good luck finding your bike. A friend of ours got his stolen too, lock and all. There was another one sitting out on the playa not far from Root Society, all el-wired up and decorated, which had somebody's water bottle, backpack, the basket. It was there Tuesday morning, and still there Sunday afternoon when I rode past it.
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