Stolen Blue Beach Cruiser

Stolen Blue Beach Cruiser

Postby Motor » Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:15 pm

My bike got stolen. It's a blue beach cruiser with fake brown snakeskin wrapped around the handlebars (possibly taken off by the thief), and a section of black paint near the base of the seat post where I re-welded the frame back together. It says "cruiser" on the frame. It has a black crank and a blue chain that are way newer than the bike, and coaster brakes. It was taken from Bottlecap Gazebo camp at 4:30 and B. It also may have a "bottlecap gazebo" sticker on it (unless the thief took that too). It was taken on the Sunday before the event from inside the camp, by the way - the thieves are arriving early now. Yikes!
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