Lost Pee Wee Herman Bike (JC Higgins, Red, 1960, @ BM 2012)

Lost Pee Wee Herman Bike (JC Higgins, Red, 1960, @ BM 2012)

Postby agentorangechicago » Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:35 am

Hello -

Simply, I'm desperate like Pee Wee Herman in his pursuit of his lost classic Red bike left Monday 9/4 at Burning Man.

Because our camp had to take all the Moop and recycling and prioritize them over bikes during the Exodus, and as I was already on a plane to Chicago, my bike got mistakenly classified as "maybe worth $50 on craigslist" and left behind to the Re-use Bikes & Ranger Gods at BRC on Monday by my Camp Syncytium. (7:45 and C on the Playa.) It was an understandable mistake.

Ironically, it was the most rare and precious bike at our camp -- I had just bought it as a semi-hefty investment in Chicago with longterm plans for it. And it almost got home! Please, oh Nevada dwellers, help me track it down. It is far more valuable, not just in monetary terms (that's not a big deal) but emotionally: I fell in love w/ that bike! See Pic Below!

My contact: 773-682-8483 or organica.design (at) gmail.com
Name: david shuey
Reward if found. I have friends in Reno who could keep it, or I could pay to have it shipped to Chicago. Mostly, I just want it found.

Features of Red classic bike:
> JC Higgins 1960 original Red and Chrome bike w/ monster fat fin tail
> Distinguishing marks: black Working Bikes Sticker near kickstand
> Last had: mask in front, and Cat horn
> Also: has two inoperable front headlights, probably not working since Nixon was president

All the best,

david "mr. id" shuey (chicago)
organica.design (at) gmail.com
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