Blue Schwinn Cruiser ..between 2:30 and Frog Pond

Blue Schwinn Cruiser ..between 2:30 and Frog Pond

Postby CitizenRandom » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:54 am

Mens Colbalt Blue Schwin Cruizer- bungied grey round led tent light to handlebars
basket-black- bungied to the rear rack
big ass seat with pealing gell pillows in final phase of fail - falling off-
fenders-kickstand- white rims
best bike I ever used in 13 years of playa living
received as swag from Gate exodus detail in 2010-

I seriously love this fucking bike- in a sea of forgotton bike piles- this one was not
it was a lost bike from the cluelessness of a noob over the tie down instructions of a veteren -tho however desidedly female- of whom perhaps was not taken seriously by such a masculine rigging professional so unexperianced in the ways of Playa physics.
I shoulda checked the tie down for fail- it became my fail for the loss
I rarely see a bike so fine and cant afford to replace it at this time. I hate being to poor to buy a bike
Burningman- I need a job
and my bike if its found- :cry:
yours in the flame
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