Cheap Hand Wash Sink With Foot Pump

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Cheap Hand Wash Sink With Foot Pump

Post by Toe » Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:55 pm

This is a nifty way to save water and not contaminate your hands after washing.

It uses an outboard motor fuel priming bulb as a foot pump. Brilliant!

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Re: Cheap Hand Wash Sink With Foot Pump

Post by LittleJack » Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:51 pm

I've been using a variation on this for years now, and it works amazingly well.

To simplify things, I made a 2 bucket system without the table - fresh clean water in the bottom bucket with a hole near the top for the input to the pump, and a gray water bucket on top.

I've never used all of the 4.5 gallons I put into the fresh water bucket, but I do camp solo. I use it for hand and face washing, brushing my teeth, and cleaning dishes. At the end of the burn I just pour the remaining fresh water into the gray water, put the lid on, and put it in the back of my truck to be poured into the sewer when I get home.
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Re: Cheap Hand Wash Sink With Foot Pump

Post by BBadger » Wed Jan 22, 2020 7:21 pm

Ooo, I like this! Nice and portable too!
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