What kind of socks?!

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What kind of socks?!

Post by Khutnik » Sun Mar 29, 2020 1:21 am

Last year I wore knee high boots with 80% cotton socks every day and about 5 days in my shins were RAW! Has anyone else had this problem or can anyone else offer a solution? I'm almost thinking having my skin exposed would be a better option and just using ACV every day.

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Re: What kind of socks?!

Post by Token » Sun Mar 29, 2020 9:17 am


Believe it or not, we all sweat a ton out there in the heat of the Playa.

Problem is it’s so dry that the sweat evaporates the moment it peeks out the pores, we don’t notice it much, but get dehydrated nonetheless.

Until we strap on them boots/shoes/footwear that don’t breathe. Add the cotton socks that get soaked and hold all that moisture, some rubbing and grinding ... and presto. Pain galore.

Two mitigation approaches exist.

1. Footwear that breathes

2. Socks that do not absorb and hold moisture.

Best if you can do both.

Thick wool socks will help keep the skin dry. I know it sounds counterintuitive... heavy winter socks on hot Playa ... but the wool works both ways ... it is also a great moisture wicking material that breathes. They actually stay very cool and comfy in hot dry climates.

The key is the Dry climate. Do this in Florida and you get foot-rot.

Thick wool socks, try to wear boots a bit lose up top to let the moisture out. Give the feet somewhere to vent and breathe.

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Re: What kind of socks?!

Post by Savannah » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:31 pm

And if you're cleaning your shins at night, please make sure your baby wipe isn't just "kinda moist" (which happens a lot by day 3 or 4 with a tub of wipes, even if you close it. Forget the tub, get the $5.99 container with 3 chunky, fragrance free packs and little snap lids.

Then get your spray bottle and squirt some real lemon, vinegar or soapy water on there. Get it saturated. Clean off and then moisturize. Wiping with just a wipe, if it is anything other than very wet/fresh can lead to disaster.

I learned this one the hard way. :mrgreen:
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