College Starts During Burning Man!!! NOOOOOO!!!

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College Starts During Burning Man!!! NOOOOOO!!!

Post by Antranik » Fri Apr 11, 2008 2:30 pm

Hey folks.. my younger brother starts his first year at CSUN the same week burning man begins!!!

I went to CSUN as well and graduated last year and wow, I don't know how to break it to him. I just verified the academic calendar. He's gonna be bummed but...

We have our tickets ready and have been preparing, we just can't wait to go. These 2 tiny tickets are priceless to me and as virgin burners, we can't wait to experience this!!!

Does anybody else here go to a university where the classes start at the end of august? (or CSUN specifically??)

I have to seriously look at their policy to see if he can skip the entire first week, contact his professors, and make sure he doesn't get dropped out of the class. Even though I went to the same school, I always showed up for the first week at least, haha.

Oh well, if anybody has experience with this, any tips would be appreciated. Then I'll break the news to him with at least some game plan as to how to handle the situation. :)

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Post by bdeywoo » Fri Apr 11, 2008 2:41 pm

I skipped the first week every year, dont see why he cant unless attendance is mandatory and generally the first two weeks are mulligans because of transfers in and out of class. Contact your prof, I highly doubt they will have a problem with it. I didnt go to CSUN though.

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Post by Antranik » Fri Apr 11, 2008 2:45 pm

It looks like this has to be the case. He'll just get himself organized and catch up during the 2nd week and all will be well.

I'm soo excited!!!!!!!!!

Just 4 months left!!! :lol:

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Post by Scout13 » Fri Apr 11, 2008 3:25 pm

I was hung over my entire first week of College my freshman year…..that was when we rode dinosaurs instead of cars. Have your brother talk to his professors and tell them the truth….I’m going to Burning Man and won’t be here the first week…sorry. But remember to tell them the truth. It won’t work telling them your poor Aunt Patty died and we have to go to Bolivia for her funeral…..that just happens to be the first week of school….every year. As silly as professors can be they really don’t like to be lied to about you missing an entire week of school.

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Post by BitterDan » Fri Apr 11, 2008 4:21 pm

It's definitely doable but it's case-by-case. I had some professors back in college that would drop you for missing the first day no matter what but most are pretty cool about it.
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Post by Donna Matrix » Fri Apr 11, 2008 7:20 pm

I teach at the local junior college.. and I'm not there for the first week... the students get mad... but what the hell.

I bought the ticket... I go....

I do have a substitute with a power point with a voice over... if that counts...

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Post by dr.placebo » Fri Apr 11, 2008 7:41 pm

In 2000 I had a friend camp with me who faced missing the first week of college classes. She contacted all of her profs and got the assignments in advance, acquired all of the texts early, and even brought some of them to the playa and studied a few afternoons (I shit you not). Since she started early she was roughly 2 weeks ahead of her classmates when she came back from the playa instead of being a week behind.

You might not want to actually study on the playa, but I know several students who did this kind of prep and it all worked out, and I don't know anyone who made similar arrangements and suffered much for it. It's a judgement call as to how explicit you want to be about your destination.

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Post by RedheadBarbie » Fri Apr 11, 2008 7:47 pm

I knew my school schedule before I bought the tickets. If they don't like it just transfer into a class that won't mind. I'm not going to stress it. Priorities!

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Post by hsdavis » Sat Apr 12, 2008 1:35 am

Yes, there must be priorities and unforunetly Burning Man must take precident over college. I always end up leaving a day early in order to move my two kids off to school. I offered to bring them with me to BM, but NOOOOOOO, they have to get ready to go to college. What the hell is wrong with these kids?
I usually end up getting home after midnight, (late Sunday, early Monday)get a few hours sleep and then drive a van for several hours and move them in for serveral more hours. I don't dare complain for fear of my wife saying, "well, maybe you shouldn't go to Burning Man"!
As a student, you have a tough decision to make, but BM is such and incredible time, that if you can start classes a few days later, that's the route I would take. But then again, I'm not your father! :shock:

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Post by gyre » Sat Apr 12, 2008 4:24 am

Join the campaign for a six week burning man.
That will solve the problem for many.

Some times it helps to make it clear the plans and tickets were done long ago.
It's only a week.
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Post by RedheadBarbie » Sat Apr 12, 2008 1:33 pm

My bark is actually bigger than my bite. I'm leaving early to make it back for the combo of work and school. When I was just considering the time missed for school, I was going for the full enchilada, but when work bawk-ed we had to plan for a shorter stay. If the flippin' airlines were dependable and reasonably priced I'd just hop a plane.

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Post by Katka » Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:19 pm

I totally understand the anxiety:

The first week of my brand-spanking-new PhD program collides with Burning Man this year (and in Hawaii no less!) so I've been going back and forth trying to figure out what the best thing to do is. (And we are an incoming class of 10-15, so my absence will be notable, I imagine.) Don't know what I am going to say yet, but will figure something out. (Ooooh--the truth--a GREAT idea. Can they say "no"?)

I might suggest that it can be a good idea to go for the first couple days of class and meet up with BM in the middle of the week - nothing but business happens in the first week anyway - and you just don't want to look like a flake, or thats how I feel anyway. Plus, by showing up for a day or two, one can pick up some reading to do in the playa sun/shade while you rest up for the night's events. (Actually, this way, one may be the most productive student that week.)

Great to hear that a teacher skips out every year! This is very encouraging. No one gets upset?

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Post by thirt33n » Mon Apr 14, 2008 7:24 pm

RedheadBarbie wrote: I was going for the full enchilada
mmm. that's what i'll have fer dinner. thanks

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Post by skeetsh00ter » Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:31 am

skip! I had the same problem last year, except it was the second week of school for me. best choice i ever made.

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Post by gyre » Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:58 am

I was watching a docko about courts in nevada.
They were trying to set dates and when Labor Day came up,
"Oh no, I can't make it then."

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Post by gaminwench » Tue Apr 15, 2008 10:51 am

I'm a teacher, this will be my 9th BM....when our school started scheduling the start date before LABOR DAY, I said that I'd have to miss the first week - they've been dealing with it for 6 years now....I suspect ther are a lot of educators doing the same thing......

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Post by StarShineScars » Wed Apr 16, 2008 3:58 pm

I'm in a similar situation at The University of Arizona. I've decided to be as proactive as possible and since I have already know who my teachers are going to be for the fall... I typed a letter to each of them explaining the situation, why I would be gone etc, and asking if I could get assignments early. I think most teachers will understand if you take an approach like this, show some sort of responsibility towards your own education, so he should be okay. :D

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Post by Badger » Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:41 pm

College Starts During Burning Man!!! NOOOOOO!!!
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Post by trypical » Sat Apr 19, 2008 9:59 pm

Last year burning man was during the second week of school for me. I just told all of my professors I was going to be out of town and that I was willing to do extra work to make up for it. They were all very understanding and I made sure that I communicated with them through out the semester.
I also moved and worked full time last semester and I STILL got straight A's. If I can do all of that your bro can defo go to burning man and make it in school ;)

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Post by oneeyeddick » Sat Apr 19, 2008 11:17 pm

Learnin' iz fore city folks !!!
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Post by unjonharley » Sun Apr 20, 2008 8:59 am

Damn schools, My favorite teach is a PHD of sports scince.. She is 6ft 3 blond.. Keeps telling me maybe next year..But school @ UofW starts that week.

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Post by mdmf007 » Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:45 am

Just shoot straigh - no one like to be lied too.
Profs have geard it all. What worked for me was

"I will not be able to attend this week due to a personal matter. I will make up any missed work/tests as soon as I can and you allow. thanks for your time"

thats all it should take.


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Post by Rocket75377 » Tue Apr 22, 2008 5:18 am

There's a time and a place for everything, and it's called Burning Man. ... asses.html

Modify accordingly.
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Post by pbmaniac2000 » Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:41 am

I miss a week of class every year. My teachers have never had a problem with it. I'm a pre-med student so if I can get away with missing a week of class, anyone can.

Thanks to the Democratic National Convention being in Denver this year I will also have the week before burning man off as well. So I get to go to burning man for two weeks this year. I couldn't be more excited.

You will learn more during your one week at burning man, than you will learn that whole year in school. I gurantee it.

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Post by Mosin » Sat May 03, 2008 11:31 am

To accomodate burners CSUSB has remained on a quarter schedule, which provides three weeks of transition time until classes begin. Go Coyotes! :lol:

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Post by DragginLady » Sat May 03, 2008 1:51 pm

The Junior College where I have been doing adjunct teaching for a while starts around the 20th of August...
I love teaching, but have decided I will no longer do the Fall quarter because it interferes with Burning Man....
In my opinion, making arrangements to miss that part of school is worth it!!

Tassles McNasty
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Post by Tassles McNasty » Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:44 am

i missed the first two weeks of uni last year to go. most teachers were cool with it, but the one that wasn't i told (not entirely a lie) that I had been asked to participate in a sculpture project in the desert and it was a big opportunity for me- to which the teacher said ok and was happy for me. i was an ART major so it was a little easier for me, but if you make them think it's for a good reason they are usually pretty cool about it....

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Post by Ugly Dougly » Sun Jun 01, 2008 10:11 am

It's okay as long as you bring your entire fraternity with you.

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Post by flipper » Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:06 pm

[quote="pbmaniac2000"]Thanks to the Democratic National Convention being in Denver this year I will also have the week before burning man off as well. So I get to go to burning man for two weeks this year. I couldn't be more excited.

Um... DNC happens the first four days of Burning Man... (Delegates will arrive on the playa Friday morning... and the RNC begins as Exodus wraps up on Labor Day...

Art students? Heck they oughta get class credit for helping with any of the big installations... Or creating one...
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Post by mdmf007 » Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:11 pm

That blows - tough decision.

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