Pharyngeal Irritation After Eating Cooked Tarantula

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Pharyngeal Irritation After Eating Cooked Tarantula

Postby ohafirenymph » Mon Feb 02, 2004 10:41 pm

Save em & bring em with you. I'll batter & be deep frying these splendid delicacies on The Man's embers. If we've an over abundance as we did last year - some very strange girls in lealther kilts with chainsaws & multi piercings (we don't have that in Zane, OH) dropped off several dozen they said came "from the ranch."

Oh, I need them live. Please don't kill them if you don't know how to treat them. They are scary enough. They could be deadly. We've mended the hole in the box, actually, "the box" was burned and we've a new one, so we promise none will escape near Center Camp again.

Fir eNym Ph.

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