Body Graffiti

What to wear? What not to wear? Come here to find and how to make anything you'd wear on your body - from goggles and playawear to bodypainting and adornments.
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Body Graffiti

Postby poeticphoto » Tue Mar 02, 2004 10:31 pm

My boyfriend's a singer, therefore he writes a lot. For BM he's planning to write (or get me to write) a bunch of his favorite lines and lyrics all over his body with black, perminant marker. I'm not sure how well the ink will stay or how often we'll end up touching it up since this is our first burn, but I think the idea is great and the outcome should be just awesome. I'm not too sure what I'll be doing yet. The thoughts are endless. :P

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Postby awibs » Sun Mar 07, 2004 6:07 pm

sharpie stays beautifully, untill you wash it.

it wont smudge, it wont sweat off, it wont fade... until you take a shower.

then all the abuse it took from your sweat and clothing catches up and it comes right off, leaving a barely existant ghost.

this, of course only applies to showers or actual attempts to clean yourself involving soap and scrubbing, water just running over your skin won't budge it - it's when you slough off the dead skin cells that it goes away.

sharpie, imhexperience, doesnt harm you in small quantities, but the chemicals cant be good for you when *all* over your body.... kinda like deoderant/anti-persperant under the arms doesnt hurt anyone, but some deoderant freak was on the news for covering his body in it and dying b/c his skin couldn't breathe or sweat. and the negligable levels of toxins that are in things that qualify as "non-toxic" are only negligable for "normal" or 'reasonable" use.... like, if you slip and get some ink on your fingers while working with sharpie, it wont kill you, but it might be toxic when absorped through your *entire* skin.

henna's less toxic but more of a pain..... i personally would use sharpie, just not, like, paving my entire body in it.
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Postby poeticphoto » Sun Mar 07, 2004 9:20 pm

Thanks for the input. Great to hear that it should stay well... I'm not too sure if he really wants to be dedicated enough to shave most of his body yet so it may just be on very minimal space, but we'll see how it turns out. Thanks again. :)

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Body Graffiti with Sharpies

Postby Gadg » Thu Apr 22, 2004 3:35 pm

I've had quite a bit of experience with using sharpies on skin. Sharpie tends to stay on fairly well, but it also easily transfers when you sweat (for better or for worse - you can leave your mark when you hug someone). Sharpie ink comes off rather easily (posibly too easily for a so-called permanent marker) with soap and water. From my experience, the most toxic aspect of sharpies are their fumes, especially if you're drawing on your face or near your eyes.

I just happen the have one of the new Metallic silver sharpies in my pocket today. I noticed that the Metallic shapies do not explicitly say "non-toxic".

Here's a few photos:
inverted circles



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Postby poeticphoto » Fri Apr 23, 2004 12:21 pm

VERY nice. We haven't really thought much about the idea yet. All we know is that we'll be writing on him. I like the way the words flowed on your body though, on my boyfriend I pictured more straight lines and small stanzes or paragraphs. Thanks you sharing Gadg! See you out there.

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Postby Steven bradford » Sun Apr 25, 2004 12:29 pm

I've done this quite a bit. Sharpies work fine, though they're hardly permanent, they're more permanent than anything except the sign markers that are actually toxic.

You might want to spray on a light coat of a body paint or a airbrush textile acrylic in white first. I've also used white liquid latex for this, in which case the sharpie stays on much better as long as the latex does.

You can use one of those sprayers called a PreVal for spraying your own paint, with little pressurised cannisters. You need to thin the latex with water somewhat to get it to flow right. maybe 20 to 30 % water to latex.

This is something you normally would do later in the afternnoon as it starts to cool though.

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