The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.... A Ranger's Story

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.... A Ranger's Story

Post by Menehune » Sun Mar 21, 2004 1:22 pm

Badger Wrote: If you figure that on average there are maybe - maybe - 30 Rangers on any given shift throughout the day that comes out to 1 ranger for every thousand people. At any time we're dealing with injuries (1200+ this year), people in severely altered states, dehydration, rampant speeding of vehicles, drunken disturbances that may (or may not) end up in physical altercations, people capturing images of naked folks for whatever reasons, camp disturbances, structural failures, domestic disturbances, boundary issues of camps involving scores of pissed off people, assault, nut cases, plane crashes, gate crashers, lost participants, dosing, excessive noise complaints, ambulance and air evacuations.
As with all great adventures there are numerous untold stories of humanities ability to coexist within a community. We would like to hear from the Rangers and anyone whom had any interaction with them.
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I'm still wearing beige

Post by robbidobbs » Mon Mar 22, 2004 8:55 am

I was a Dirt Ranger in 1999. This was my first year, and I quickly discovered that although I love the Rangers to pieces, I'm not one. I don't deal with beligerence well. I'll let someone with a cool head deal with the freakiness and altered states. Guarded Commissary while the Man burned down.
In 2000, I was a DMV Ranger, donned the Bureaucratic Babe with an Attitude hat, and registered Art Cars. Watched the Man burn from inside a Perimeter truck.
In 2001 I was a Gate Ranger. I got the Gate bug the year prior. I ripped tickets, I answered questions. And the Pottie Project had begun. Turned out to be a very good year for shit for the first time. On Perimeter near the Airport during the Burn.
In 2002 I was a Gate Supervisor, had the PP usurped, had to march in mid-week to save it, and got to see the Man burn down off-shift.
In 2003 I was a Gate Supervisor, but more importantly, I was truly the Chief Poopervisor of the Pottie Project. What I discovered was that with a no-authority, some playa-smarts, and a big mouth, I was able to deal with a list of issues I found while educating participants about Excremental Correctness. Oh, and I wore unbleached muslin. Still sort of beige. I occured to me post-event that I was doing exactly what a Dirt Ranger does, only I didn't have to deal with ANY beligerence. Best of both worlds. And I could drink beer on "shift". And I sat alone at the Mission to Mars Camp and watched the Man burn down start to finish...finally.

Bottom line: find out what your true talents are, don't get caught up in the ego-trip of wearing a uniform, do the job and help the Community in whatever shape or form you're best at. If you want to be a Ranger, I wish you all the blessings of your chosen gawd(s).

The blessings of the Community will follow you if your heart is in the right place.
I'll be in my blanket fort until further notice.

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