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Postby hageymon » Sat Mar 27, 2004 9:16 am

I, Hageymon, the Burner Hostel/Rideshare Project dude, hereby issue the CHALLENGE to a local Burner with time and skills on his/her hands to create a printable version of a simple map showing the locations of our thrift shops and then posting the URL for that map on this thread. It's something that SOMEBODY needs to do, but I'm too buried right now to do it myself.

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Postby PurpleKoosh » Sat Mar 27, 2004 11:22 am

Sounds to me like something that should get coordinated with Wally Glenn's map:
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zorro sings
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thrift shops

Postby zorro sings » Tue Apr 20, 2004 1:18 pm

Best bet is to go to the Salvation Army disposal site at 2300 Valley Road in Reno.Open Monday,Wednesday and Friday at 10 am.Here junk is sold incredibly cheap or it is off to Africa or a landfill.Have never paid more than $5 for cool couches and bikes are about the same price.Also beds,sleeping bags,coolers etc. go for virtually nothing.Beats any thrift store for value that is for sure.

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Postby theCryptofishist » Tue Apr 20, 2004 2:05 pm

How about Truckee? If Zorro is right about the upswing in bike prices (those darn charity cases shouldn't be gouging us--law of supply and demand be damned) what's Truckee like for thrift? At least you're over the mountains, so you've saved on hauling by skipping the Beehive in Sacramento.

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store locations in reno

Postby Ancient » Fri Apr 30, 2004 5:24 pm

First look at the map here
Now some of the best places aren't on themap. I'll describe them below.
WinCo foods: The cheapest and largest food store in town. On the map find Hwy 395 heading north, and crossing McCarran Blvd. Exit east on Mccaran, now see the Home Depot on the map? It's right accross the street with some fast food and a walmart.
Savers: The largest thrift shop in town, slightly higher prices since it get's lots of customers. Again, find 395 north, and exit east onto Oddie Blvd. Now see the clump of stores listed including the lowes? It's right in the same center where the lowes is, next to a raleys, near a shopko, and next to a great chinese food restruant.
A Thrift store: This is a good, cheap thrift store. On east I-80 exit north onto S McCarran Blvd. Turn west (left) onto E Prater. turn into the shpping center including the McDonalds that's accross the street from the target on the map. It's in this shopping center, as well as a McFrugals, which is like a dollar store, but better. Also, while driving north on S Maccaran you'll pass a shopping center with a safeway and a dollar store.
Another Thrift store: a pretty good place. See E Plumb Lane on the map by following 395 south? See the Costco there? This store is right off of plumb lane on the backside of the Costco shopping center. a little hard to pull into heading west, but worth looking at.
McFrugals, Toys R Us, Family Bargain center: Follow 395 south bound untill you get to McCarran Blvd again. You'll need to come up McCarran heading west, or exit 395 on the South Virgina/Kietzke exit, using the S Virginia ramp. Then turn left (S) on virginia, then left (East) on McCarran. Now on the map do you see the circle where the meadowwood mall is? see the trader joes accross the street? Well that trader Joes is in a hige shopping center containing a Toys R Us, a McFrugals (cheap everything) and a family bargain center (cheap standard clothing, if you want to modify or ruin anything).
I hope this helps you all out. Lates.

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