Help me save me burn please. Need inexpensive mechanic.

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Help me save me burn please. Need inexpensive mechanic.

Postby TheFluxAnomaly » Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:03 pm

To make a long story short, I have a van with low compression on cylinder #8. Unless I get this fixed my burn is not gonna happen.

California has a program that provides $500 toward smog repairs for lower income people (me). If after those repairs it still won't pass it's eligible for a waiver.

Any Bay area mechanics willing to assist me with this? I can sweeten the deal for you in several ways. Free computer work, a nice set of diesel engine tools I never use (inherited, I don't work on diesels), I could loan you the van here are there for trips or helping friends move, etc. I have an older computer I could give you that still works just fine, it would make a fine computer for basics like email, browsing the web, spreadsheets and invoicing for your business, etc. I'm open to other suggestions too.

I was going to be taking my wife for the first time. We are both really disappointed by this whole mess. Please help us solve it.

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