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Q & A Forum Etiquette

Post by admin » Tue Jul 20, 2004 1:10 am

Welcome, everyone. Just a couple of guidelines to keep this a productive and informative forum:

1 - This is meant to be a safe place to ask questions. There is a lot of info about Burning Man out there. You are not expected to know it all but please read through the Survival Guide and take a minute to browse the other topics here before posting. The answers you need just might be right in front of you.

2 - That said, new folks often have the same questions as old folks did when they were new, so they get asked over and over. This is to be expected and anyone who gets frustrated by the repetition may want to consider spending time in another area.

3- That said, please do not make snap judgements based on a question asked. Answer with information or move along.

Ok now, what is it you wanted to know?

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