How was your 2nd year?

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How was your 2nd year?

Postby [SpaceBoy] » Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:49 pm

Everyone knows that there is nothing quite like your virgin year.
The lights, the fire, the art, the music.....

How did things change on your return to the playa?

My virgin year was amazing, I had a very inclusive camp and i think i slept maybe 2 hours over the 4 days i was there, it was magical and everything the playa should be.

Now when i came back the next year, everything was different. My life was in flux, i had just moved into a new place and was about to start a new job, great things normally, but all of the change worried me. I drove 16 hours from la to reno, planning to help set up my camp, then drive back down for a few days and then drive back for the burn. I was able to get out of all the driving, but was left with only my "set up" clothes. AA shirts dont exactly make outstanding costumes (though my camp mates were more than happy to clothe me, I still was out of my element) I was sleep deprived, so i spent a lot of time sleeping, including passing out in camp on the way out for the evening, and even sleeping through all of crystal methods set. I was burnt out and the playa made it very clear that i took it for granted.

Now I was not able to make it this year, so im really missing "HOME" and am already in prep overload so i dont make the same mistakes i have made the past two years.

how was your second year? did you make the same mistakes i did? was it even better than your first?
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Re: How was your 2nd year?

Postby Elderberry » Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:08 pm

Every burn is different. Last year I forgot to pack all my clothes. Didn't much matter.
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Re: How was your 2nd year?

Postby BBadger » Sun Sep 18, 2011 8:51 pm

This was my second year, but somewhat burginized because we came for the whole week, and actually did the camp setup unlike last year when we showed up on Thursday. It wasn't a "jaw dropping" moment going out on the playa for the first time either, but that was also because we were there 30 minutes after midnight on Sunday. Watching a real burgin who came with us this year roll in the dirt and ring the bell was awesome to watch as a 2nd-grader. This second year was so much more relaxed, even though we accomplished so much more. Last year we felt compelled to be out on the playa every night to take it all in while it lasted. The same thing this year, but we had more days to try new things.

As far as preparedness, we had our act together as far as supplies, logistics, food, water, goodies, and shade structures, but we have bigger and better plans for next year as always. The best part about planning to go every year if possible is that every purchase becomes an investment.
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