Peace wants love, Will help

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Peace wants love, Will help

Postby euthlogo » 4 years ago

Hey all!

Hopeful future burner here. One of the most attractive aspects of the burn to me is the participation. I was wondering how I could apply my skills to making burning man a better time for all involved. Are serious connections made on the ePlaya? Should i approach specific camps offering help? The administrative staff?

I am keeping this abstract so it applies generally, but my skills include djing, vjing, motion design, lighting design, set construction, general set up of things, manual labor, video editing, photography etc.


edit: I have now filled out and submitted the volunteer questionnaire any other things I can do?

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Re: Peace wants love, Will help

Postby trilobyte » 4 years ago

Hello and welcome to ePlaya! I'm giving this a nudge over to the Q&A forum since I think it would be a better fit for the questions you're asking.

The advice I'd offer is not to make advance plans to volunteer during your first year. It's a bit like traveling to another planet, in that even if you think you know what to expect it may turn out to be a completely different thing. That's not to say you shouldn't participate and volunteer if you want to - just do so in the moment, while you're there. There are places near center camp to volunteer for projects that need help that day, plus stuff like BRCPO (the post office) and the lamplighters offer great 'walk-up' volunteer opportunities. As for ePlaya, yes serious connections with awesome people can be made here. If you see a camp you're interested in joining, then yeah go ahead and reach out to them to find out about joining & helping. Sounds like you've got a great bunch of skills and a great attitude, I'm sure you'll make some great connections.

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Re: Peace wants love, Will help

Postby Elderberry » 4 years ago

Seems like he covered it all.
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Re: Peace wants love, Will help

Postby Savannah » 4 years ago

edit: I have now filled out and submitted the volunteer questionnaire any other things I can do?

hi euthlogo. :)

Click "Regionals" near the top right of the main Burning Man website and join the mailing lists for your area (or perhaps neighboring areas if you don't see yours well-represented). If you attend a local event or two, you may find a kinship with a local camp or individuals. This can result in getting to help with a local build, or finding campmates/rideshares. Plenty happens here on ePlaya too, but I wouldn't rely on it solely.

By February or so, the "2012 Theme Camps" forum will have more posts in it, and you can write a little letter of introduction offering your skills to camps that resonate with you (they will want to know why you'll mesh). Note: there are a lot of DJs out there, so don't lead with that, unless DJing with a large sound camp is your primary goal (in which case research those, and pursue a slot right away, those opportunities go like lightning--if they're not already taken now).

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Re: Peace wants love, Will help

Postby BlackRockCityPimp » 4 years ago

We have wayy to many djs and blinky light people already. Bring FIRE, wood, propane, jet fuel, thermite, black powder, anything. Just so it burns bright enough to blind and is loud enough to drown out the dubstep.

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