!!READ ME!! Local Resources!

Bikes, trikes, personal mobility and getting to/from the event - this is the place to discuss general transportation issues.
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!!READ ME!! Local Resources!

Post by trilobyte » Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:18 pm

Excerpted from the Jack Rabbit Speaks newsletter…
JRS wrote:As you're heading to the playa from all points on the map, we're here to help you with your pit stops along the way. We've compiled a collection of resources in the neighboring towns you'll pass through on the way to BRC, whichever direction you're coming from -- even from the air. Whether you want to load up on water, find a tent, grab another costume, get that last shower ... or just take a moment to kiss civilization goodbye, we've got you handled.

From the West or Southwest (or flying in from across the country or around the globe), we've got Reno covered. From the Northwest, Cedarville. From the East, we got Lovelock and Fernley. From the Southeast, there's Fallon. Then for most travelers, Wadsworth and Nixon, our good neighbors from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. And finally, when you get up close to the playa, our favorite small desert towns: Gerlach and Empire.

These communities are our neighbors. We've formed some great and evolving relationships with them over the years, and frankly, our community in the desert couldn't continue without them. Please pay all these towns the utmost respect on your way through and be sure to remember that your actions represent Burners everywhere. When patronizing any local businesses, rest area, or parking lot, please be respectful and courteous. Just like on the playa, you absolutely must LEAVE NO TRACE. And keep your pants on. It's critical -- the future of our event depends on it. Plus, it's just the right thing to do.

Finally, if you're going to be loading up on supplies in the region, learn more about how you can spend your money at businesses that invest in social capital.
Full Blown Reno Information
The Reno area is the nearest major metropolitan area to Black Rock City, which is 2.5 hours away. Whether it's for getting any and all of the supplies you need, or for a multi-day layover, this section on our website is packed with information on all of the important local resources -- supermarkets, water and hardware stores, curiosity shops, trash, recycling, greywater disposal, hotels, restaurants, bars, transportation/shipping resources...you name it -- its all mapped out for your navigational planning (which is no mean feat in Reno).

These pages are painstakingly updated each year by a team of awesome local Burners who know whereof they speak. Check it out!

Reno-Tahoe International Airport
The folks at Reno-Tahoe International Airport tell us that Burning Man is going to be the busiest time of year for them, with approximately 15,000 Burners coming through on their way to the playa. We've compiled information and a list of resources that will help make your travel through RTIA as smooth-flying as possible. Check it out here.

Plus - Air Playa Info returns to Reno-Tahoe International Airport!
Through the coordinated efforts of the Burning Man Project, the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and local resources, Air Playa Info returns for its fifth year to provide information and resources for travelers on their way to Burning Man. Located next to Baggage Claim inside the airport, volunteers at the Air Playa Info table will help answer your questions, provide directions and maps, and share information about BRC and all kinds of Reno-area resources -- including transportation options.

Air Playa Info will be available 9am-10pm daily from Friday, August 24 through Friday, August 31. More info found here.

The Burning Man EXodus TRAsh and Recycling Network (EXTRA!)
Saturday, September 1 through Wednesday, September 5, 2012 -- OPEN 24 HOURS! More info and dropoff locations can be found in this awesome blog post!

To Flame Bus - Busing from the Reno Airport to Black Rock City
Are you flying into Reno and are wondering how to get to Burning Man? Don't want to spend a lot of money on a rental car? Want to help reduce cars to the event, or just don't want to drive at all? Maybe you are also still unsure how you're going to get home after Burning Man?

To Flame Bus is part of a national "social mobility network" that is providing bus transportation to Black Rock City from the Reno Airport, as well as from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Return trips from BRC to these cities are also offered following Burning Man. Seats are now available to reserve at very reasonable prices, while rates will increase incrementally as Burning Man gets closer. You can find out further information, ask questions, check out the schedule, and reserve a seat by going to their website.

Advantage Flight - We'll Fly Ya To The Playa!
Flying into and out of Burning Man has always been one way to save the drive, avoid the lines at Gate and Exodus, and arrive like a rock star. With the record number of participants this year, it's also a great way to keep cars off the road. Advantage Flight, a Burner-owned and -operated charter air service with over 500 playa flights logged since 2005, teamed up this year with several other charter operators with a goal of reducing at least 800 cars from this year's Burn.

Advantage now offers many daily non-stop flights between the BRC Airport and Reno, and then to and from the Bay and Northern California, LA and SoCal, the Pacific Northwest, and Utah. In addition to passengers, Advantage can fly in time-critical materials for build crews, such as baggage, fresh food, and other supplies. Check out the details here.

Ridesharing from Reno to Black Rock City
If you are unable to arrange for means of transportation from Reno to BRC beforehand, you also have two well-used Rideshare possibilities to the playa (which is 2.5 hours away).

The first rideshare option to the playa is from the airport, where you may be able to negotiate a ride from fellow Burners who rent a car -- check in at Air Playa Info to see about the possibilities. Chances are you might be able to get some of your supplies on the ride too, as most everyone flying in has to get supplies, due to flight baggage restrictions -- be sure and ask.

Your second rideshare option is to go to the busiest pit-stop in the region from Burners shopping their way through, which is 10 minutes from the airport. Check in at Air Playa Info to see if there may be other Burners who may be willing to give you a ride there (if not to the playa), or to see if anyone may be willing to carpool a taxi with you to this rideshare location:

Save Mart Supermarket
525 Keystone Ave - 775-786-2150
Open 24/7

Some important things to keep in mind about ridesharing with fellow Burners:

  • Offering to chip in for gas is helpful if you can.
  • Everyone in the vehicle must be wearing a seatbelt -- it's the law.
  • Be sure to LEAVE NO TRACE at the rideshare locations.
  • Make sure EVERYBODY in the vehicle has their Burning Man ticket (or has one at Will Call). If riders aren't holding a ticket or a will call receipt, we ask you to PLEASE not bring them to BRC. Your entire vehicle will be turned around at the gate if any passenger does not have a ticket.
Finally, and most importantly: Riders and drivers, BE COMFORTABLE before agreeing to ride with your fellow would-be travelers.

Driving Directions from Reno to Black Rock City

OK, so you've done what you need to do ... you've got your ride packed to the gills, you're gassed up, you're ready to venture forth from Reno, and out to Black Rock City. How the heck do you ...? Ahhhh, driving directions!

Towns En Route from Different Directions

From the NorthWest: Cedarville & Alturas
The town of Cedarville, CA is a great place to stop -- in fact, your last for 85 miles -- to get supplies if you're coming to Black Rock City from the northwest on Route 299. Their chamber of commerce and the people of the town are super welcoming of Burners and are really working hard to support us. More info and a list of resources here.

Also, for all northbound travelers from Black Rock City: Remember that the community of Cedarville is taking part in the Exodus Trash and Recycling Network, making it possible for you to deposit your trash and recycling, and lighten your load after Burning Man -- see here for all the details.

In Alturas 4-Corners Market in Alturas will stay open for all 24 hours leading up to the opening of Burning Man to help customers make it through the night and not hold anyone up from getting supplies and making it to the Black Rock Desert. Just a reminder that they cannot sell alcohol between 2 am and 6 am. They have plenty of food, water, and hoses outside for your convenience.

From the East: Lovelock
Set on the western edge of "Cowboy Country," Lovelock, the County Seat of Pershing County, is the first major pit stop on I-80 heading west after a few hundred miles, and your last for another 70, before you hit Fernley and then veer north to the playa. Great place to stop, get final supplies, maybe get a bite to eat or a room for the night, while enjoying some Nevada history. Get the details here.

From the SouthEast: Fallon
Fallon is your first major town after traveling hundreds of miles across Nevada, whether from Las Vegas or via Highway 50. Many resources can be found in this very hospitable oasis in the desert, and we've got them listed here for you.

From the South: Fernley
Your last town to find many supplies within 100 miles of BRC, Fernley is a town very supportive of Burning Man with some great things to offer. More information about what's available in Fernley can be found here.

Black Rock City's Close Neighbors: Wadsworth, Nixon, and Pyramid Lake
Most travelers pass through the towns of Wadsworth and Nixon on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation on their way to Burning Man. The Tribe is very supportive of Burning Man and hospitable to travelers. You will find the I-80 Smokeshop in Wadsworth and The Nixon Store in Nixon with gas, food, alcohol, ice, cheap smokes, ATM, pay-phone, and lots of other supplies, as well as lake camping and day-use permits. There are also lake tours, RV Parks and campgrounds, a restaurant and saloon, trash service, auto/tow service, and car-wash to be found in Wadsworth. Some of the businesses/services will be open 24 hours during peak travel times. Check out all the information for Wadsworth, Nixon & Pyramid Lake.

Pyramid Lake is a beautiful ancient lake at the heart of the Paiute Tribe Reservation, with plenty of day-use and camping opportunities for before and/or after a week on the hot dusty playa.

NOTE: all day-use and camping requires permits! Proceeds from permits help support the Tribal Government, and water quality and environmental programs that protect the unique ecosystem of Pyramid Lake year round. The Tribe advises all travelers to know that the north and east side of the lake, Anajo Island, The Pyramid, and The Needles, are off-limits to everyone but ±Tribe members. The Tribe also advises that souvenir and artifact hunting are not permitted. To purchase camping, day-use, and other permits online, or for a list of permit locations and additional information about Pyramid Lake, please visit the website.

The Paiute Tribe invites all Burning Man participants to stop and experience the unique art and culture on display at the Pyramid Lake Arts and Crafts Show, Saturday and Sunday, August 25-26, at the Pyramid Lake Museum and Visitors Center (709 State Street in Nixon, across from The Nixon Store). Native American artists will be displaying and selling their artwork & crafts. The traveler will also find an invaluable experience in checking out the Museum itself with breathtaking architecture and a remarkable display of the history and culture of the Tribe, lake, and land. If you are camping on Pyramid Lake or otherwise have the time, don't miss out on this special arts show at the Museum that will leave you with an appreciation for the unique arts and culture of Pyramid Lake.

The Sacred Visions Powwow Committee will be sponsoring a carwash during Exodus for travelers next to the Natchez Elementary School, just as you enter Wadsworth on State Route 447. The wash will be available for vehicles of all sizes during daylight hours from September 1-4. All funds raised will go to support the 5th Annual Sacred Visions Powwow.

The Tribe advises all travelers to slow down and keep your distance while traveling through the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation. Obey the posted speed limits and keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. All of the State Routes on the reservation are two lane roads and the Tribe would like motorists to be aware of the dangers associated with high speeds on two lane highways. The entire Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation is an open range area for livestock; motorists are to be cautious of livestock that may be on the highways. Finally, while passing though the Tribal communities of Wadsworth and Nixon, the Tribe requests that motorists be cautious of children and courteous to Tribal Members that may attempt to cross the road, or that are accessing their homes, businesses, or Tribal Services.

Getting Your Supplies And Showers In Gerlach
You can support your Gerlach Burners by getting your supplies at the big WHITE STAR TENT at 305 Main Street in Gerlach beginning Wednesday, August 19, 2009 and continuing throughout the event!

BarSylBazaar in Gerlach:
Burners selling BEER, FOOD, potable water (bottles, cases, RV and tank fillups available!), goggles, sunglasses, skincare, emergen-C, feminine products, local resource walking sticks, tee-shirts, gifts, etc.! (Supports FEI Wildlife Conservation Ranch.)

Gerlach SHOWERS, SHOWERS, SHOWERS throughout the event!
(For Burners, By Burners)

Sylvia and JB's Mutant Vehicle Support is near the Burning Man Ranch, by the Black Rock Desert. Please contact JB for contacts, towing or troubleshooting if you have any trouble with your vehicle on the way to or from Burning Man.

Iveson Ranch - Gerlach

Ranger Keeper writes to tell us:
Ranger Keeper wrote:"The annual Gerlach Car Wash will be happening again this year on Sunday and Monday of Exodus. All the proceeds go to the Gerlach Schools. This supports our athletic program throughout the year. All of the student athletes (along with parents and teachers) come out with the hopes of washing many a playa-dusty vehicle. The Car Wash is located on the corner of Main Street in Gerlach. Thanks for supporting the local community!
Purchasing Water in Gerlach
Our good friends with the Gerlach General Improvement District update us on getting water there and how it supports you and their community:

"Gerlach General Improvement District -- 330 Short Drive - 775-557-2601
Open Aug 20-23, 9am-5pm; Aug 24-27, 6am-midnight; and Aug 28-29, 9am-9pm. The Gerlach GID (the local governing body of Gerlach, just a few miles from BRC) will be selling potable water to fill up RVs and water tanks of any size, with the funds going to support the town of Gerlach. Located in front of the town's Community Center, look out for directional signs just as you enter town on Main Street. Rates are 50 cents per gallon up to 100 gallons, 45 cents per gallon between 100 and 200 gallons, and 40 cents per gallon for above 200 gallons. Cash only, but ATM is onsite. Call the office or email [email protected] with any questions or to arrange fill-ups prior to August 26th.

This decision has been made in an attempt to keep our water rates reasonable for the citizens of Gerlach. We have a top notch water treatment plant here, but due to the small size of our town, our 150 residents must pay for the maintenance of an entire water system. We want to provide a town resource to the participants of Burning Man, and we think this will save you money in addition to helping our town. Water weighs 8 lbs per gallon, and by buying your water in Gerlach you will avoid paying fuel costs to transport your water from afar."

Empire Store
The Empire Store is a smaller store about the size of your average convenience store … it is not a gigantic grocery store. If you're going to need to stock up on TONS of stuff for your Burn, you'll want to do that shopping in Reno. But the Empire Store is a great resource for the essentials you need, especially the "D'oh! I forgot toothpaste," or "We can't do the project without that spatula!" kind of thing, or to pick up a last 6-pack of beer. Plus, they have ice cream, which will look like EDIBLE SOLID GOLD about the time you're rolling through Empire, believe us.

PLUS! We've got to tell you, the store looks incredible! They've installed some decorative art gardens out front, remodeled the front entry - and we're told that they'll be open 24 hours during this year's event, along with some other awesome surprises. We'll share more with you soon as we learn what they have planned!

Thanks to our friends at the Empire Store for their ongoing efforts to welcome and serve Burning Man participants!

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