Traditional Last-Minute New Projects (and tunes)

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Traditional Last-Minute New Projects (and tunes)

Post by robotland » Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:56 pm

.....I can't help it! I NEVER learn! But it DOES speak to the level of enthusiasm I always feel. Although I could have posted this to the General Discussion list if I REALLY wanted the greatest possible number of responses, Q&A is my home turf from wayyyy back....(BTW- GOOP Adhesive is good- get some! I'm hard-pressed to think of something I HAVEN'T posted about GOOP all up in hyah over the last bunch of years...)
What I'd like to know from You Traditionally Clever Problem-Solving Folk In The Q&A Threads is...... can I polish off my Subtle But Obvious Burn Music Compilation? Are there good songs that underscore and uplift this well-trodden path while still maintaining a clear connection to the concepts of fire, combustion, and so forth? There are some beauties (IMHO) such as "I Burn Today" by Frank Black, but given the breadth of possibilities I'm trying to eliminate such obvious lunkers as "Smoke On The Water"....and I was surprised to discover how difficult it was to locate "Fire" by Arthur Brown... (At least, on the eTunes account that I had some money on. That particular cut is discoverable, I'm sure, as is "Light My Fire" ....although I've debated whether or not to include it by virtue of both overplay AND the fact that the full-length album cut clocks in at over six minutes, brevity after all being both the soul of wit and proof that I'm both soulless AND witless.)

Gimme. Both about last-minute projects of ANY variety and about your Burn Soundtrack Literal Interpretation Exultation contributions. Please and thank you!
Howdy From Kalamazoo

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