2014 Burning Man Resource Listing

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2014 Burning Man Resource Listing

Postby trilobyte » Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:12 pm

Tucked away in the July 10 Jack Rabbit Speaks newsletter was the 2014 Burning Man Resource Listing. ePlaya's own rules regarding commerce & advertising can get a little tricky, and we don't currently allow users to post coupon/deal/shopping threads. That said, we can re-post this snippet from the JRS, and include links to the page on the Burning Man web site.

Once again, we present the annual Burning Man Resource Listing. We've compiled a list of fellow JRS readers who are offering you their bits, bobs, wares, services and suchlike (and often special discounts for Burners) to help you prepare for the playa. And some of the listings stretch the concept of playa preparation a bit, it's true, but rather than arbitrate that, we decided to interpret broadly and let you decide. Anyway, we've got them filtered into the following categories:

  • Playa Preparation Events
  • Lights and Electronics
  • Miscellaneous BRC Gear
  • Playa Wear
  • Services
Now, we hear back every year from people for whom the Resource issue strikes a discordant note in their Burning Man world. We'd like to offer a reminder that Burning Man's principles don't state that our community is opposed to commerce. The thing we avoid is commodification of our culture, which is quite a different thing (although the line between the two can be very fine sometimes). Commerce is a part of daily existence ... including those days spent preparing for Black Rock City.

Over the years, we've witnessed a lot of creativity and drive from small business owners who are Burners, and we've seen a cottage industry grow apace with our event - those are the folks we share with you here, in hopes we can keep it in the family in the face of mass market consumerism.

Of course, you don't need to buy a bunch of stuff to go to Burning Man, and what counts most is your creativity. But from Burner DIY goods on Etsy to discounts on EL wire you can use to create your crazy idea of a thing, we'd be remiss not to share these submitted links with you.

This once-a-year posting can be ignored if you prefer to find your own resources for the playa without any help. We can respect that. It's just a link y'know, and you can choose to click it or not.

And please note that if you want to submit a listing, our submission deadline has passed, and we're NOT accepting late submissions. Thanks for respecting that.

Here's the complete list of Burning Man Resources that were submitted to us by the business owners.

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