Anxiety and Depression - should I go?

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Re: Anxiety and Depression - should I go?

Post by Drizzt321 » Wed Jul 25, 2018 4:58 pm

Canoe wrote:
Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:44 pm
And hugely important[/b], water. And electrolytes. With reduced food intake, even though you're not working out, this results in reduced electrolyte levels, which can mess with your body and hence your mind. This is called Playa Condition; search to read more on the symptoms to watch out for, and advice like always carrying water with you when you go out to explore BRC. Easily avoided with adequate water intake each day and - just-in-case - a supplement like Emergency-C packets added to a bottle of water once a day. Doctors on playa told me that one should be all anyone needs, but just about anyone should be fine if they enjoy three of those a day. Pedialyte (spelling?) is another more potent favourite on the playa, but overkill for most people. If you get in trouble, the med camps have treatments to get your body back on track, but it's cheap and easy to avoid that necessity that would take time way from your exploring and enjoying your Burn.
All of this for sure, it'll at least help your body be able to support your mind. I prefer electrolyte capsules as a supplement. For me one in the morning with water after I wake up as a way to help ensure I have _some_ in my body, and occasionally during the day if I need.

I had a friend once where we ended up meeting out at Center Camp. Despite having drank water all day she was just feeling down and slow. I gave her 2 of these, in ~15-20 minutes she was up and chipper and ready to go on with the day.

Another story involves a friend who had, well, too much of a substance during the day and was also dehydrated on top of that. We got some medics to come over, and they asked if anyone had electrolytes. I brought these over, and they went yup, that's good stuff, take some of these and lots of water.

I always carry a few around with me to give out if people need. Also ear plugs.

And remember, ANYONE who has a radio, especially one with the shoulder mic, should be able to get a hold of rangers or emergency services. Anyone walking around in pairs wearing khakis are probably rangers. They'll be happy to stop and help you, call for help, get you to any services you need, call for Green Dots (emergency mental health). Don't ever be afraid to ask for help, 99.9999% of anyone you meet there, if you ask for help, they'll help you or help you get to someone who can get you what you need.

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