LOST: Denim Jacket with Studs and Patches

LOST: Denim Jacket with Studs and Patches

Postby bex » Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:06 am


I was doing a bit of piracy on the ship wreck on Friday night and managed to loose my backpack containing my beloved denim jacket.

It's a ladies jacket, light denim color and very well loved and a bit thin.

There are studs along the shoulders on the back as well as a patch safety pinned on that is of a skull and bones with a clown nose.

On the front there is a patch of a heart stitched into the pocket on one side. On the other pocket is a patch that says 'Kill as many zombies and vampires as possible".

It's unique, one of a kind and I miss it terribly. I live in London but will be in the SF Bay Area until the 24th of Sept. After that we travel to NYC, Denver and then Austin TX so if my chance it happened to end up in one of those cities, I could pick it up in person. If not, I will gladly pay postage to have it sent to one of those places OR to my home in London UK.

Pretty please come back to me wonderful jacket creation of mine.

Fingers and toes crossed.

Thanks for reading!
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