Fox or coyote fur vest- LOST!

Fox or coyote fur vest- LOST!

Postby CitizenRandom » Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:02 am

Tween 2;15 and the Peir
It was real dead animal- I bought it a half a decade ago at a thrift store -its comming apart- but it was wonderful wonderfur
Im feral- I buy OLD used Real Fur- I like it like I like leather and bacon..shit with eyes keeps me warm- and feeds my belly-
I worship the little life that was given to keep me toasty warm . It was a loved pet vest- lost while riding out to take pictures with a great camera- that was maybe not so great? But its gone now and I imagine loved by someone else now

It was brown gold with black tipped long fur-no sleeves- muscle cut like a tee shirt with hooks down front ripped in back and above front pockets..size medium-a recycle from nordstroms-a cave man lookin mess of a jacket. :o
yours in the flame
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