big ole, slightly beat-to-hell beloved FUR COAT

big ole, slightly beat-to-hell beloved FUR COAT

Postby theclinco » Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:50 pm

fur coat,
Im a dumb ass, and this puppy fell off my bike on man burn nite somewhere in the city between 7 & 4:20 / I & E i think.
it is a big ass 40s fur. it has some damage, a bit of tears, and most distinct, a big beige/white paint splotch on the lining on the right side i think.
It was a gift when i was 19 and my first fur. the lining is plain except for the paint splotch , it has 3 monogram letters, but i can remember which ones.

detach and such, but I seriously love this thing! and we were going strong at nearly a decade...
hope she fell into the right hands
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