LOST: 2 GoPro Hero2 Cameras, with 16gb and 32gb cards w/ LCD

LOST: 2 GoPro Hero2 Cameras, with 16gb and 32gb cards w/ LCD

Postby River » Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:54 pm

Hey Burnerinos,

I super unfortunately lost 2 GoPro Hero2's on the playa. I can't be sure where they would have been. I believe my backpack was left a little unzipped and they fell out without my knowing. That or they were stolen. This seems less likely as I had $3000 more in equipment inside. Maybe the thief just really liked GoPros... :P
Anyway, they both had their plastic covers on them, one of them had an LCD backpack on it so it was thicker. The other didn't. One had a 32gb SD card and the other had a 16gb SD card. Both cards were class 10 and I believe the company was San Disk. I can't remember which one had which card anymore. One card has hundreds of photos of the line up to Burning Man as I was making a timelapse. It will have the hood of a bus with antlers on it and eventually there will be a bunch of naked dancing people. All at night. I could identify any footage that was on either camera if need be. I really need these cameras back as I was working on a Burning Man documentary and there is a bunch of footage for the doc on it. My producer is bugging me to see the footage and I have nothing to show him from my GoPros. If you have them, please contact me as soon as you can as I will be heading to Mexico soon and would like to sort it out beforehand. My email is jdeaston@gmail.com. Thank you very much.

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