Renegade 6'0 Lady at Temple Burn. Cosmic Bar

Renegade 6'0 Lady at Temple Burn. Cosmic Bar

Postby microcandella » Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:57 pm

Topics discussed with you and your other friends:
United Colors of Benetton
English Railroad history
The mission in SF
The Four Deuces Irish bar on 33rd & Taraval
Whiskey (thank you so much for the gulps of jack. I really needed that at the moment. Gladly pay you back)
The forthcoming cosmic bar
The devil's advocate
stuttering (which I do occasionally though less often nowadays and was not offended..thought it was funny)
Jewish matchmakers and toasts
physical activity

When they started to light the temple I just had to go. It was really important. Hope to reconnect, and sorry I had to cut it short.
You all were a blast.

All the best,
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