Looking for Jupiter Moon(s) from Van B.C.

Looking for Jupiter Moon(s) from Van B.C.

Postby Thufir Hawatt » Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:35 am

This is bartender Trent. You came through Molotov Cocktail at 7 and Foxglove with some friends a couple of times. We had a conversation about ayahuascha and perma-culture. You asked if I had time to hang out, but unfortunately I was tending bar at the time. Got your camp's address, but in my befuddled (drunken) state I placed the info in a rather stupid place. Did not end up finding it until I emptied my backpack's contents back home.
IM me or contact me at gorgothon1@lycos.com, would really enjoy speaking with you again.
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