lost money

lost money

Postby fyregod » Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:02 pm

I know its a way long shot, but I lost 2 $100 bills in pyronauts camp 4:A on the first sunday.
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Re: lost money

Postby Five » Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:15 pm

Hi! Wow yes, what a hot and Dusty week! Everything that fell to the ground was almost instantly covered in the softest and warmest Playa Dust, like a gentle coating of baby powder! It's amazing I even found the $200....except oddly enough, one of the bills had been nearly burned down and all that was left was the "100" from either the left top or left bottoms corner. The other $100 bill had been manically or magically transformed into 4- $20 1- $10, 1- $5, and 4- $1....the stripper pole on the Arc Harps had this beautiful naked man shakin' it on the Burn Night and I just had to give him a dollar!

I'm donating the rest to the organization that will help you see that you don't need money but rather more love in your life! They will help spread your fears into the ocean's and the dessert's floors until the tides return to the dry lake beds. You will find a deeper serenity and peace from the nothingness that is in your wallet! May you blissfully return to the playa next year with nothing but two $100 bills, one covering each nipple as a way to free the next generation from the fears of economic insecurities that engulfs the television viewers of the world!
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