Lost Unicorn On A Stick

Lost Unicorn On A Stick

Postby landra_lee » Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:57 pm

Her name is Fernando, the Judgemental Unicorn.

She is really a nice girl, but when you look her head-on, she's judging you.

I lost her on Sunday morning while dancing/playing at Robot Heart... I let a man named Flash in a full-body hot pink fuzzy suit run around with her while I was playing Sunrise Jager Twister with some lovely new lady friends I had met, and then I ran off to go get more water from camp, and never made it back.

It is totally my fault, but I was hoping there might be an off-chance that someone might know this sweet man named Flash (I have seen a photo of him on the internet since then, in the same suit, and I am going to try to find that pic and post it as well), or that someone may have seen my unicorn on a stick just randomly on Sunday. Below is a picture of the unicorn in question. The brand on the tag is "Melissa and Doug," and the actual stick part is missing, so it is basically a unicorn head on a handle. Any help would be awesome, she is super sentimental. I could buy another one, sure, but I really want mine back if the playa gods should want to send her back to me. :) Thank you so much for any lead!

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