LOST- half mask on espinade between 6&9 after temple burn

LOST- half mask on espinade between 6&9 after temple burn

Postby BlackeningMist » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:26 pm

its an all (or 99.9%) leather half mask made by artsmyths (there should be a small oval tag-like marker on the inside of the mask above the eyebrow, or darker mark were it used to be cuz it was falling off and I had previously had to reattach it so it very well could hav fallen off again.) The mask covers the right side of the wearers face and extends over the bridge of the nose. Its a sort of dark metalic bronse color with what almost appears to be a sort-of glitter coating bating imbedded in it. It has no markings on it but the eyelashes around the eye hole (made from similar long strips of the same colored leather) form a crazy mardigra/venice mascarade type of look, with the "lashes" loosly weaving in and out of eachother, giving the appearance not unlike a sun. This mask was expensive but more importantly dear to me and I was very sad to find id somehow lost her. I retraced my steps in the morning when I could see again hoping to find her but someone had already picked her up. If you found this iteam, thank you for picing her up and keeping her safe! I hope that she has brought you some small ammpount of joy during your time together but I would really appreciate it if you could bear to part and return her to me. Send me an email (Nicole_M.Bower@yahoo.com) if found. Thank you again and thank you everyone else for caring to read. Namaste <3
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