Did anyone get any video of the Diodome...?

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Did anyone get any video of the Diodome...?

Post by benjamd » Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:44 pm

We did it, we made our first big Burning Man project and hauled it out to the desert and it worked....

But guess what? We forgot to take any video of the damn thing working!

The Diodome was positioned out at 10:15 and D, just past the White Ocean stage. It was an 18ft diameter geodesic dome with hundreds of lights all over it and a big glowing dome inside for people to lovingly caress. If anyone caught it on video doing its thing then please get in touch as I really want to get some video of it in action as I won't get a chance to set it up again for some time.

Thanks all for a wonderful burn!


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