THANKS to the 'There goes the neighborhood' Artist

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THANKS to the 'There goes the neighborhood' Artist

Post by Solito » Thu Sep 12, 2013 7:09 am

I glutted out and took two halves on a cross country ride of two different frontier crossing vehicles - one has landed and been strung up in my office to prove to my staff that I do, in fact, Artist certifiably, with stars on it, have half a brain backing by directives. The other hangs in my midwestern rural garage where more careless endeavors are planned and executed, requiring no more than the orange and silver shimmering half a brain. Both still caked in playa dust. The girly friend and I cannot stop with the jokes, and the epic journey from their deep playa shopping cart (twice!) had us belly laughing - once when one of the halves suddenly found itself rolling about between us during sexy time in the nearby deep-playa fortune teller's stagecoach one sunrise. "If it wasn't for this fuckin' half a brain of mine..."

While the huge projects steal most of the thunder - I wanted to make it clear that a small, easy to overlook deep-playa project has produced more laughs and two halves of 'lasting impressions' in my post playa world while the sum of all the mega-projects from 2013 could not. Thanks for that, whoever built "There goes the neighborhood".

I'd also like to extend a thanks to all the deep playa artists - they are the projects I tell most people about who have never been to BM as a way to illustrate what they may find if they answer their desires to travel deep and far, and still retain enough sanity to read between the lines and interact with patience. It doesn't require a kickstarter or even $1000 (in some cases!) to build something that ignites inspiration. Thanks again for proving it.

Me encontrare abajo del sol, y solito pues. Hasta cuando me llego a casa - solito no mas, y sin querer.


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