Self-Supported Cycle Tourists Camp

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Self-Supported Cycle Tourists Camp

Post by Saguache » Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:50 am

Self-Supported Cycle Tourists Camp (needs a better name)

The Idea
Self supported bicycle tourists already have an active community of radically self reliant travelers. Why not bring our know how to the playa. The idea is to organize a camp focused around our particular love of cycling and the do it yourself attitude. Have some stories to tell, an amazing machine to show the rest of the world, or a special skill on your mount that you'd love to teach others? This is the camp for you.

Getting the Group Together
We're looking for people who love to bike. You don't have to ride to the playa, but you're welcome to if you'd like. If there is enough buy in we can organize a SAGed tour to the burn, if you'd rather drive that's ok too.

Much of this will depend on the number of people traveling under their own power. Again, a SAG vehicle will allow easier access to group infrastructure once we reach the burn, however, everything, including water and shade can be packed in your panniers. Much like how the group forms up, this is up to the group.

We intend to go through the placement process once it opens in the spring.

Special Note:
To be clear, this thread is being posted to seek out other burners who happen to share an interest in self-support bicycle touring. It is not a place for discussion of your opinions on touring, touring to the burn, why you like cars more than bicycles, or any other non-camp related exchanges. If you'd like to tell the entire ePlaya community how stupid you think bikes are or the people who ride them happen to be please visit this thread.
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Re: Self-Supported Cycle Tourists Camp

Post by junglesmacks » Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:53 am

Much better.. and good luck in your endeavors.
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Re: Self-Supported Cycle Tourists Camp

Post by dragonpilot » Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:26 pm

Am I going to get in trouble for saying that a big gaggle of bikes on the approach roads to BRC is not a good idea. I am an avid rider...both mountain and road...done many major events nationally and local. Sure, if it's just an occasional outing along a lonely country road, fine. But you all know that the approaches to BRC are not that, at least 3-5 days leading up to opening day and during Exodus. A couple of bikers might work, but any more than that and you're talking creation of major bottlenecks along an already max'd out route.

Love the idea of a bike riders' camp, tho. Maybe someone can show us how to keep a group of riders together on the playa at night.
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Re: Self-Supported Cycle Tourists Camp

Post by The Hustler » Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:31 am

I'm a big fan of bikes (I worked as a messenger in NYC and I ride a pedicab in Austin now, among other pursuits) and have been thinking and reading a lot about touring.

The idea of riding from Austin to the playa now (early January to enjoy the snow in Gerlach) seems pretty awesome, although I have doubts about riding to Black Rock City. I think it would be fun to have a camp of cycle tourers and maybe have a ride or "race" around BRC.

It would be nice to dispel the myths that the playa destroys bikes also.
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