Après ski BRC 2013 camp needs YOU!

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Après ski BRC 2013 camp needs YOU!

Post by Gusthefuss » Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:24 pm

Hello Fellow Burners!
Are you looking for a Burning Man theme camp to join in 2013?

Après Ski BRC camp is looking for Campers! Not skiers! You don't need to Ski you just need to know how to Après SKI! Basically just be friendly and cheerful and drink yummy drinks while dressed in your best retro ski gear during the wednesday night party! The more flourescent the better! All other times you should be as undressed as youre comfortable with!

Après ski BRC is going to be back on the playa for 2013 doing what its done since 2007! Bringing snow to the party we all call HOME! But it cant happen without some effort from a great PARTY minded team. Which is where YOU come in to the equation. Après ski BRC needs campsters that are open minded and fun and that have great ideas that they would like to bring to share with everyone on the playa.

This year is pretty much a blank slate for Après ski. There is the expectation that we supply a wicked Wednesday evening party with sweet sounds and beverages.
We have some usefull infrastructure that will help make the week in the dust and sun bearable. All we need is: MORE people(YOU) to help bring it to the playa!

Heres the link about the Wednesday night party -
If youre interested in joining the actual camp heres a link to the Après ski BRC camp facebook group page to see what were all about! - https://www.facebook.com/groups/561006480578033/

Since Après ski BRC is based out of Vancouver/Whistler British Columbia all the fundraisers will most likely be held in these areas. We will have a presence at BitF this summer in the Squamish valley. Kind of a mini camp that will represent Après ski and offer up awareness that the best Après SKI THEMED PARTY will be back at Burning Man for 2013!

Theres some fundamental goals for this years Après Ski BRC!

-expand the useful infrastructure that we already have. Which will help make the week in the dust and sun more enjoyable.
-promote Après Ski BRC and alert the masses!
-fundraise.....FUNds! Gotta pay to play!
-set up a well structured camp with some creature comforts first and foremost.
-guarantee that the Wednesday evening party spreads some fake snow over toque and goggled partiers as they dance to DJ Foxy Moron and friends while....
-sipping whatever crazy drinks we decide to provide!
-then we need to clean up the mess and get it all off the playa!

Après ski BRC embraces the Ten Principles of Burning Man and within the camp atmosphere we want everyone to feel welcome and apart of the camp. You count and your ideas and effort will make a positive impact on the playa and within the team that is Après ski BRC.

Our camp will provide:
- a kitchen area for making food. And a dining area to sit down at a real table. We will not be doing a meal plan. You bring your own food and cookstoves (sharing recommended)
- a shower stall thats easy to use and private (you provide your own solar shower bag)
- we will rent a cube van to transport camp infrastructure as well as members camp supplies. It will serve as a makeup room with mirrors and lights once we unload it! This will be a service that will cost each user extra if they decide to ship their personal camp supplies down this way. Very reasonable rates for camp members but we will make some money off providing any extra space to others.


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