6:00 Neighborhood Camps

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Re: 6:00 Neighborhood Camps

Post by CJB » Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:23 pm

I can't express my excitement over this event, it's officially on my playa calendar. Packing green face paint and watercolors now.

MacGlenver wrote:I Call This One 'Old Gregg' will be at 6 & GDP! We are dedicated to the beloved scaly man-fish that is Old Gregg. We enjoy water color painting, preventing fishing, wearing and giving away tutus, and drinking creamy Bailey's. Stop by on Tuesday late afternoon for our party, and bring a cup (or a shoe) for some of the creaminess.


Also, does anyone know what "6 & GDP" means? I know what 6&G means, but what does the "DP" mean (besides the obvious :lol:)? Does that distinguish between Inner Circle versus a regular road, or does that indicate frontage on 6 itself (apparently our frontage is on 6).

We were 'Camp Toga Toga Toga!' last year, in case you stopped by for our toga/wine/grape party.

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Re: 6:00 Neighborhood Camps

Post by monkey@arms » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:28 pm

Free Photography Zone Camp will be at 10:00 on the inner circle around Center Camp. Check out our playa portraits!

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Re: 6:00 Neighborhood Camps

Post by tara » Fri Aug 23, 2013 9:21 am

Hello Beautiful Neighbors!!

BIG PUFFY YELLOW will be at Rod's Rd & 8 o'clock. Righ by Center Camp! :D

Join us for our 4:20 party (or anytime you like) on Friday at 4:20. Drinks will be offered at the bar (remember to bring a cup) and DJ's will be spinning music all night. So be sure to get your butt on the dancefloor with us! The theme is to wear something yellow and if you don't have anything yellow that's ok, maybe we do. Most important is that you and your awesome self are there! :wink:

Check out a lil video from last years party..

Also stop by at random times to see what services and fun our puffers have to offer for you....gifts, manicures, face/body painting, hair adornments, laughs, leftovers.... you never know!

(If you are on the street named 8 o'clock you are far away from our actual address. Think of Rod's Rd like it is a clock dial with Center Camp being the center. Looking at the Man from CC would be noon and looking back towards the city, down 6:00 would be, well, 6:00. So we are on the backside of Rod's Rd between the 6:00 and 9:00 positions. Somewhere around where Consumer meets Rod's Rd. We are on the Center Camp side of the road as apposed to the city side, in-other-words, facing away from CC.)


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