ok to charge for hauling stuff to burning man?

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Re: ok to charge for hauling stuff to burning man?

Post by Turtleburp » Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:45 pm

SquirrelHead wrote:
Turtleburp wrote:
freeeeeman wrote:wow.... i never even *thought* about how someone would give me something illegal to take up there. guess i'll be sticking to people i know... or doing bag searches for sure... good to know...
Funny but that's the first thing I thought of... Nasty suspicious soul that I am.

Then again there were soo many cops there last year!
hmmmm I wonder what's in Turtleburp's bags..........OK, now I scared myself. :shock:
Ha - they may know you as Squirellhead but we call you accomplice! :lol:
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