I'd like to thank...

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I'd like to thank...

Post by marcgorcey » Fri Sep 06, 2013 11:49 am

...not the Academy, but instead - the following local businesses who made my burn better by doing more than they needed to:

Love's Travel Centre in Fernley

We blew a tire out in their parking lot and they fixed it for free, and with a smile. Love 'em.

Bruno's Country Club & Motel

Sold us booze from the rail when my wife & I realized we'd stupidly left our booze back at Reno, at....

Ben's Liquor Store - Reno - W 4th St

Held onto our booze for 10 days, then voluntarily let us return our PBR for refund because we realized we couldn't take it on the plane with us ( no room ) !

Save Mart at Keystone in Reno

The SM lady stood smiling among the bees and stinking beer cans, cheerfully accepting recyclables the whole time.

Golden Flower Vietnamese Restaurant in Reno

Just a great restaurant that hasn't changed a bit.

The Sands in Reno

Super burner friendly and super cheap stay.

These are the places that made my burn better - I will visit them again.


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