Bringing the Flamboyance of Flaming Flamingos to Black Rock City

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Bringing the Flamboyance of Flaming Flamingos to Black Rock City

Post by robin_goblin » Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:45 am

Please consider supporting this migratory social art piece for Burning Man...after a resounding success at Afrikaburn this year we'd love to bring our Flamebirds to Black Rock and need your help to make it happen. This is both a fundraising post and a call out for participants!

A few words about the project; we started the FFF at some smaller, unofficial but Principled events; I wanted to make a Burn piece to commemorate Larry's passing last year, and it kind of grew from there...from one, to a whole Flock (or Flamboyance...yes that is a collective name for them) at Afrikaburn this Spring.

At Afrikaburn we thought it would be cool to have them distributed throughout Tankwa Town with a network of Custodians taking care of them for the week...and to gather them together on the Friday for a Burn ceremony. This led to a whole raft of unintended, but happy consequences...they served as landmarks around the site, especially at night; they each have a personality and people got rather attached and fond of them; we even had two Flamingos sending each other love letters from one camp to the other, eventually going on date! When it came time to torch them, it was an emotional farewell!

We realize it's late in the day to start a fundraiser, but we wanted to prove the concept at a regional before we came to the Mothership...our positive experiences at AB have given us the confidence to go ahead with them this year, rather than later. We are halfway through our modest funding goal, which covers materials, makerspace and some of the transportation cost.

Please visit our kickstarter for more info on contributing and participating

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