lost Camelbak w/Purple Camera & Poems in fire circle Sat eve

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lost Camelbak w/Purple Camera & Poems in fire circle Sat eve

Post by lianisjoy » Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:33 pm


I lost my Camelbak late Saturday night, after the Man burned, around 4 a.m. in a circle of fire near Sideshow camp, around ~3:45 & Esplanade. I put it down for a second and ran to say hi to my playa brother, and when I came back it was gone. Maybe you mistook it for yours?

It is a dark camelbak, I believe it was black but it might have been navy. I believe it was missing the actual water pouch - I was using a blue nalgene instead.

It had a purple camera (a canon I think) inside a black camera case in the outer pocket. There are a lot of photos from the Burn of myself (short white brunette) and my friend (beautiful African American woman with a penchant for headscarves), as well as photos from when I lived in Buenos Aires. It also has photos of various people on the playa, some on The Front Porch art car (an older couple all in white embracing, a young girl with a stuffed snake, etc.) which I took at sunrise and was going to email as gifts.

In addition, there was a teal book of poetry by Hafiz, and possibly a gold scarf, among other miscellaneous items. Also a collection of small colored notecards (business card size) attached to a key ring. Contact info of people I met there.

You can only imagine the depth of gratitude I would feel towards whoever returns it.

Thank you, beautiful burn community! May we all recover our lost items and stay joyful, generous, and optimistic in the meantime.


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