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Postby morenacrolla » Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:40 pm

Hey i lost my beige fake leather drawstring rucksack which has a buckle flap over the drawstring with a silver zip pocket on the flap and also 2 side zip pockets. My ID UK drivers licence was in the top zip pocket. The main item in the rucksack was my Purple Sony Cyber Shot Camera as it was my first burn i am devo to have lost the photos :( i am not concerned with the other items but i will list them incase it helps with the search. There was a roxy fury hat, a scarf, pair of goggles, head torch, pink hand heald torch and a set of bike lock keys. I was a little lost myself thurs night/friday morning but i think i was between 7.30 and 8.30 and G. A lovely couple looked after me and sent me on the right road back to camp at Celtic Chaos 10 and A. Unfortunetley it wasnt till i got back i realised i was missing my bag :( can anyone help? I would also like to thank the lovley couple that looked after me i was very confused and they massivley helped me out! :D i am sure she had a black and white striped top on and he was wearning a black top hat! I did go back and look for the camp with no luck :(

If anyone can help please be in touch morena_crolla@hotmail.com

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