Lost BACKPACK(Black & Grey) / NIKON CAMERA D3100 inside

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Lost BACKPACK(Black & Grey) / NIKON CAMERA D3100 inside

Post by frenkky11 » Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:49 pm

Hi Guys,
hope everybody had a nice Burning Man...

Our last night at Burning Man exactly saturday night, our bicycle has been stolen with our BACKPACK attached to the handle bars.

We are really looking forward to find or to have back our BACKPACK because inside there is a camera with all the pictures of our trip.
Those pictures are very important for us as emotional value.
The pictures included our trip from Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Burning Man.

-BACKPACK description:

Black with grey stripes.
It has 3 zippers.
The middle one is broken therefore the BACKPACK is semi open.

-BACKPACK inside item:

Inside the BACKPACK there is a Nikon camera probably D3100. It is a professional camera with attached a big lens (not sure about how many mm.)
The camera is in a case. The case is black with yellow zippers.

Also inside the BACKPACK there is a 1liter bottle juice filled with water.
In the side pocket there is a pack of birth control pills.
In the front pocket there is a pair of black sunglasses with green lens branded CRAP


As we said all our pictures are mostly me and my girlfriend during our trip.The latest pictures at Burning Man with friends.
The latest, latest are in front of the word INSANITY during saturday night. So the word INSANITY is with color.

We attached pictures of me and my girlfriend.
We also attached a picture of me with the BACKPACK from the previous Burning Man.

We hope whoever took our bicycle with our BACKPACK, would be so kind to turn in and eventually we can have our pictures and memories again back.

Thank you,


Francesco Spitaleri & Alexandra Basalaeva

Peace and Love
Me with the BACKPACK.png
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