Big White (now beige) Satchel with Silver UFO inside

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Big White (now beige) Satchel with Silver UFO inside

Post by Overkill420 » Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:25 pm

My name is Collin Cowsill. I camped with Black Ocean @ 9:30 & Desiderata (in between D & E).

This is a giant life-size (as life size as she could get it at least) inflatable UFO. The material she used to fabricate this piece was a thick Styrofoam-ish cloth, about as silver as a brand new dime.
However, this piece was put away in a big white (now beige) sac/ laundry bag looking satchel.
THIS SATCHEL WAS LEFT AT BLACK OCEAN's CAMP, next to a 40ft Beige semi container, closer to E Street and 9:30. It was leaning right up against the side of the container but very well might have been moved to a different location in that area.

PLEASE contact me Collin Cowsill, @ 831-869-6960 or by email @ It is VITAL that I find this so any extensive efforts and research would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again guys!

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