Lost blue lowrider bicycle with shoulder bag on it

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Lost blue lowrider bicycle with shoulder bag on it

Postby intrinsic_rhythm » Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:45 am

This bike was taken from a friend's camp on saturday afternoon or night. I had been locking it all week and made the mistake of leaving it at another camp near mine for a day. I've included a pic. It now has a yellow chain, and super nice LED computers in the wheels. I hope it finds its way back to me. Loved that thing...

Any info would be greatly appreciated, but yeah I messed up by leaving it unlocked. There was also a desert camo shoulder bag (with my driver's licence) attached to the sissy bar on the back. So, I'm pretty convinced that whoever grabbed it has no intention of returning it. :(

-Steve Intrinsic-

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