Faux Woody w/ bamboo fenders

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Faux Woody w/ bamboo fenders

Post by myheartisnotamachine » Thu Sep 12, 2013 2:51 pm

Oh my dear bike,

Was entrusted to others* to return home and never made it onto the Toronto-bound truck? Stolen? Abandoned? Sigh... (*note to self... reevaluate what radical self reliance means to me next year)

- Woman's Norco Hybrid (personally detailed)
- Only remaining label that says "Norco"is a faceplate on front of the handlebar headtube
- Brown paint (with some chips exposing the original blue underneath)
- "Woody".... wood panel stickers
- Rear basket
- Camel colour faux leather wide seat
- Bamboo fenders
- White horns & pom poms on handlebars
- Blue wheel lights
- Orange EL wire on middle bar
- Pom pom's and folksy braid along edge of basket. Braid forms a heart on the rear of the basket.

dear playa magic, I will get to the letting it go part once I've tried all avenues... anyone? anything?

Also, virgin lesson learned, sending favourite bike to playa = risky

thanks and love to all


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