LOST: Unicorn Hat

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LOST: Unicorn Hat

Post by LazerCorn » Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:16 pm

Ello lovely Burners! My playa name is Lazercorn and I am need of some help finding a vital part of my unicorn character costume. On Saturday night after the Man burnt I was trying to assist my drunken friend into returning to his camp. He is a larger man and was very drunken. We stopped at the House of Mirrors art exhibit to give him a rest. This is when the sad event occurred. While trying to get him back up to his feet to continue on to his camp, at Suckaye Fuckaye, my beloved unicorn hat got tossed off into nowhere land. We tried to retrace our steps but it was difficult since it was dark and a small grrl trying to carry a drunk 200 pound man of muscle is very difficult. Over the summer I was gifted my unicorn hat by two close friends and have become very attached to it. If there is anyone out there who knows of it's whereabouts, pretty pretty please with a cherry on top: SEND IT MY WAY! You will make this lil unicorn happy beyond belief. Plus I will even throw in a special reward present for whoever returns it. Namaste <3
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