Lost scrip lenses/eyeware in homemade frame

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Lost scrip lenses/eyeware in homemade frame

Post by vj pussycat » Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:22 pm

lost on night of temple burn

homemade funky frame without arms - connected to black plastic coiled chain

frame is rubbery material, three layers - reddish pink on outside layers and light orange in center and round around each lens with an opening for the chain on one side

lenses are removable and have minor scratches

these are my only prescription lenses which are not tinted, so i really need them for indoors and at night time

i believe i lost them somewhere between camp in 3:00 plaza and the sculpure Annunaki Watch by Timeless during the temple burn

my steps were retraced the next day, but it's quite possible they were run over by an art car or thought to be broken and considered moop, but i'm hoping someone picked them up, so please contact if you have any info

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